Invathy is a complete innovative agency which has worked and is still working to offer businesses with modern forms of services in Advertising, Marketing, Technology and Consultancy. Our team of experts provide satisfactory Video Design Solutions, Video Content Marketing & Distribution solutions for Corporate Films, Viral Videos, TVC’s, Product & Marketing Presentations. Be it a big or small business firm, to build your successful business story, our team always welcomes your business and will be ready to extend your team by creating and implementing our smart ideas.

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Innovations are endless. What we are today is because of those “Greatest hits”. Both past and present, they just captured and made our imaginations come true. ‘Inventions – Innovations’, the list is by no means complete. The process is still on!

Historical wonders

Printing Press

The reality is that we are able to share huge information because of the Printing Press.

Steam Powered Vehicle (Mechanical Vehicle)

This most astounding innovation drastically contributed to the present automobile industry.


‘”Hello! How do you do?’ Can we talk for a while?”

Ofcourse, this is because of Graham Bell’s Telephone.


Music On. Infact, Radio also adds much wisdom to our mind library too.


‘Big entertainment on Small screen.’ Most of us can’t imagine our lives without Televisions, today.

Video Games

Videos games started the gaming juggernaut and the craze for Play Stations has sparkled all over the world.

Personal Computer

You are able to read this because of your PC, right. Thanks for the creation!

Modern Magics

World Wide Web

How is world getting connected? The right answer would be ‘WWW’. These 3Ws completely changed the world and also our way of living.


Not even a single day, we can live without Internet. Obviously, Wi-Fi is the better and best answer to love and appreciate this endless technology.

Social Media Networks

These are fascinating. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email etc. – Communicate, Share and Enjoy. Once your mind gets subscribed to all the Social Media networks, you can’t stop posting on your Social account platforms.


Apple brought a great revolutionary online music. The company created an easy path to organize and add music to our digital media collections.

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“Kaa, Kaa, Kaa..”

A crow was thirsty and it was in search of water. Then it found a very little water in a pitcher but it could

not drink as the level of water was low.

Then you know what did that thirsty crow do?

It just dropped few pebbles into the pot and the level of water rose up. It happily drank the water and flew away

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

So, Think Smart.

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